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Tomato Pickle


Nature’s Trunk ? Tomato Pickle,300g, Reusable Glass Jar, Tamatar Ka Achar Made with Wood Pressed Peanut Oil, Rich with Anti-Oxidants & Nutrients, Homemade, Traditional, Healthy & Tasty

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Our Nature’s Trunk ? Tomato pickle is made from fresh, fine-grade, carefully sorted tomatoes. Our Tomato pickle is made with fresh and organically Red Tomatoes, wood-pressed peanut oil, and other fine-grade spices
Our homemade Tamatar Ka Achar (Tamatar Pickle) is pure, natural, and healthy with no added preservatives, and we produce raw tamarind pickles in small batches to preserve the freshness and ensure a longer shelf life
This traditional, homemade and popular tomato pickle (Tomato Pachadi) is rich in nutrients and vitamins that helps to promote good health and boost immunity
The other health benefits of tomato (tamatar) pickle is good support for heart health, improves healthy digestion, and also helps to maintain weight management
Every bottle of Nature’s Trunk Homemade Pickle represents the perfect blend of tradition and culture. Freshly packed in a hygienic and quality-controlled environment
Tomatoes are a fantastic addition to a diet plan. Red Tomatoes’ are rich in vitamin C and nutrients that helps to boost immune system and improve?general?health