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Black Rice Flakes


Nature’s Trunk – Black Rice Flakes (600g), Reusable Pet Jar – Nutrient-Rich Whole Grain Poha – Low Glycemic Index, Antioxidant-Rich, Karuppa Kavuni Aval, Gluten-Free

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Nature’s Trunk Black Rice Flakes (Karuppu Kavuni): Karuppu Kavuni Rice is also called Emperor?s Rice. This hand-pounded black rice is rich in 23 antioxidants. Organic, traditional Karuppu Kavuni Black rice is a good source of fibre. It helps prevent obesity issues and the risk of diabetes. Kavuni rice also contains the important antioxidant vitamin E, which helps maintain skin, eye, and immune health. Karuppu Kavuni rice contains more nutrients and antioxidants than any other rice. Flakes made from this rice are equally beneficial as those made from black rice. Black rice flakes (Karuppu Kavuni) are capable of preventing cancer. It can protect eye health and improve digestion. It can control blood sugar levels. It helps prevent cancer and protects eye health. It is a good source of several nutrients and may boost heart health in humans. It may have anticancer properties, and it is naturally gluten-free. Black rice flakes help reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. It is good for obese people.